Celeb Poker Bonus Code

Celeb PokerThere is a definite celebrity culture at the moment with so many people being fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous. There has always been interest in actors and actresses and music stars but never to this level. The internet has raised the amount of knowledge people can have about their favourite stars to all new levels and there is also a greater amount of people chasing fame and fortune, in fact, it feels like everyone wants to be a celebrity these days.

The good thing is that you do not have to be a celebrity to play Celeb Poker but you can start off on the road to earning a lot of money and fame with a Celeb Poker Bonus Code. It can help to have a little extra money to play with when you are looking to play poker and this initial bonus can go a long way for people wanting to get to the top in the world of online poker.

Celeb Poker promotions

Aside from the initial Celeb Poker Bonus Code which will get people started, there are other promotions that can give players a push in their attempt to become rich and famous in online poker. Every Sunday night, Celeb Poker offers a guaranteed $200,000 for players in a tournament. There is also the added bonus in that if you participate in this tournament but do not finish in the money, you are granted entry into the second chance free roll where there is a prize fund of $5,000 to battle for. Sunday’s are a day when many people have some time to indulge in a little online casino playing and this tournament may be the perfect way to spend your time.

The site also gives away $100 each day for the player that has the best hand. This is a nice little bonus that is up for grabs and can often be a nice little boost to any player’s bankroll. There are many tournaments and satellite events up for grabs but minor promotions like this can really make a site stand out from the rest of the crowd and this is what Celeb Poker manages to do.

Games offered by Celeb Poker

There are obviously a good few poker options to choose but with Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 and 7 Card Stud as well as Limit and No Limit games there is plenty for even the most experienced poker player to enjoy at Celeb Poker.

For players looking for a little bit more than just poker action, there are a number of casino games that are just a click of a button away. It is not a direction to another site, merely another area of the Celeb Poker site. Obviously the poker action is the main draw for the majority of players but variety is always good to offer. If you ever fancy a break from the poker action, the casino options may be just want you need to freshen up.

Anyone wanting to get involved with the action at Celeb Poker will need to download the software from the site. At the moment, there is no availability for players to play instant games on the site but with more and more sites providing this option that may change in the future. At the moment, the download option is where it is at for poker players.

With so many sites to choose from, it can be difficult to single one out but Celeb Poker definitely has a lot going for it. With a lot of promotions and games on offer, many players will be adding this site to their portfolio. Using the Celeb Poker Bonus Code will help you get off a flying start with the site.